Time of the Drowned Swords.

Arrows from the Woods

Started 2nd day of Shinjo
Report 1 to Emerald Champion

I was travelling with the Topaz Champion’s group from Unicorn to Dragon lands. A Crab merchant by the name of Kiokuro, travelled with us with 7 wagons and 2 ronin.

We came upon the former town of Yasui. The entire town was a wasteland. All the 120 peasants were dead. There was not a single zeni left in this town. All usable food was taken and what was left was ruined. This appeared to have happened MONTHS before, and nothing had been done about the aftermath.

I commandeered some of the peasants travelling with the merchant, and gave them utensils to gather up the dead and make a funeral pyre. We burned all the dead and the utensils. Our shugenja cleansed the area as best they could. We camped here overnight and set out on the road the next day.

Three hours out, we came upon a huge “Ogre” using a tree as a club. He was accompanied by 8 “goblin” archers. The male ronin ran up to him with his sword and was batted away like a fly. Soon after this, he “rose” and started fighting on the side of the enemy. The female ronin ran away. It turns out this Ogre is a mechanical figurine being run like a puppet by 2 goblins and a former Crab Shugenja (Kuni witchhunter) who has been corrupted by the shadowlands. Drawings of this figurine by Takata Nagori are attached to this report.

The final tally of this battle, and the information gleaned is as follows: The “Ogre” is being run by the Kuni, with help from a group of local bandits. He approached them and offered to organize them and use make-up and trickery to make them look like goblins. He insisted they kill the 120 villagers of Yasui. He even killed 3 of the bandits when they refused, immolating one of them from the inside out. Also the male ronin that had been travelling with us was their advanced scout. He “rose” from the dead and treacherously attacked our group. Our group killed 4 of the “goblins” and our Crab Shugenja Takata Nagori finished off the Kuni with Tetsubo of Earth. Our Unicorn Bushi, Shinjo Jun, promised the 4 remaining bandits their lives if they showed us the details of the crimes. I decided the correct punishment for the 4 remaining bandits was to make them into Eta, and they buried the others.

We were told that in the next town we would find a merchant by the name of Kofuku, who was acting as the fence for all the stolen goods. I am turning in the 130 koku to the taxation office, as he was withholding the taxes from the Imperium. He is still being charged with aiding bandits and receiving stolen goods. He is being turned into you with this report. All of the items, 15 koku and food the bandits had at their hideout is being turned in as well, and I will keep the receipt for it and the 130 koku. This whole thing is a shocking example of bandit treachery. The samurai in charge of the town where we apprehended Kofuku is now in charge of all his holdings.

The very next day, as we approached the river ford(where there is a ferry pulled by a winch), we were attacked by 3 REAL Ogres. I was ensuring that Kiokuro, the 4 Eta and Kofuku were safe during the battle. Isawa Akiro gave Utako Anamarie a fire shield and she set one of the Ogres on fire. She finished 2 of them off, and Shinjo Jun finished off the other, but all of our group helped defeat them. This is the report of our voyage from Unicorn lands to the city of Waterhammer City.



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