Time of the Drowned Swords.

Shiro Shosuro

Chrysanthemum Festival

During the Go tournament, one of the samurai there, a Ottomo Tamiko asked the Topaz champion where his travels where taking him and his group next. Tamiko needed to have a very important gift delivered down to the Fox Clan, but her duties where calling for her to be sent north to the Dragon lands. The Topaz champion decided a trip to the lands of the fox would be agreeable and they set out, from the Lion lands heading down, with a stop at Shiro Shosuro to see Shosuro Shizueko, who they had been in the topaz tournament together with and see if they could help the rebuilding of Shiro Shosuro. Due to the fact it was the same time as the Chrysanthemum festival when no one is suppose to work but bodies where still missing, Shizueko pleased with the Scorpion Champion to allow those that wished to work to still continue to do so. The Champion relented as he did not wish the souls of the departed to return as Gaki or worse. Takata Nagori remembered a talk he had with Shizueko, who wished to see all the different types of plays and dances of the empire, she realized that there would be one play that would always elude her, the crab draw lot play, she knew the only way to truly see one is performed by tired overworked crab on the wall, and that she had no place being there. The Crab engineers that where sent to the castle to help where actually gifted to her and made into the shosuro family, to put the scorpions minds at ease as then they could not return home with any scorpion clan secrets. He told them of her request and he purchased a copy of the play, “Birth of the Empire” which showed the Kami’s fall to Earth and the tournamet that brought the Hentei into power.

Over the next couple of days they recovered all the rest of the missing bodies with the help of Isawa Akiro and Takata Nagori, in asking the kami’s help. They also found a large steel walkin vault that must have been buried under the castle, it had the marks of Kaui Steel and the lock was made of Crystal. Shiba Tsuneo tried the crystal dagger he had he felt something flow from within him but the lock did not open. The next day the group with Shizueko her magistrate and everyone but Yoritomo Taiko, figured out how to open the vault, Shizueko and the magistrate went in, the magistrate and her returned, he declared he knew how it would be taxed, She then sealed the vault, and ordered the engineers to plan to place this in the center basement of the new keep they where designing so that it could be protected at all times. She then assigned a guard of dozen to stand watch over it at all times.

The draw lot play was hosted by the famed acting troup in its Silken Smile Theater, The play to a professional was a full failure, the actors did not know the lines and performed adhoc lines, the acting was horrible the combat scenes drawn out and overreacted blood loss. All in all a failure, but it was just as a draw lot play should be like. Shizueko tried her best not to laugh, but started enjoying the performance behind her fan to the relief of all. She declared it to be the most wonderful version of the story she had ever seen. The Silken smile troup has quietly decided that the play will never be held again in their theater, supposedly to honor this performance. That night she did a dance for the group after dinner that had many talking behind fans.

The next day before the group could leave, she performed a tea ceremony for the Topaz champion and his group, several members caught hidden messages in the service.

The group then headed down to Kitsune forest to deliver the gift from the Otomo.



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