Shiba Tsuneo

Phoenix Samurai and former Topaz Champion


Phoenix Clan Bushi


EARTH: 3 (STA: 3, WILL: 3)
AIR: 4 (REF: 4, AWA: 4)
WATER: 3 (STR: 3, PER: 3)
FIRE: 3 (AGIL: 3, INT: 4)

SKILLS: *Kenjutsu – 5 (Katana); *Kyujutsu – 1; *Defense – 3; *Meditation (Void Recovery) – 3; *Iaijutsu – 5; *Spears – 1; *Lore (Theology) – 2; *Horsemanship – 2; Calligraphy – 2 (High Rokugani); Courtier – 4; Games (Letters) – 1; Lore (Heraldry) – 1; Sincerity – 2; Investigation – 2; Lore (Crane) – 1; Etiquette (Courtesy) – 3; Lore (War) – 2; Battle – 3; Lore (Herbalism) – 2

Kata: The World is Empty (Air Rank 4)

HONOR: 9.1
GLORY: 9.0 (7.7)


ADVANTAGES: Sage – 3; Kharmic Tie (Isawa Akiro) – 2; Greater Destiny – 2*; Ancestor – Shiba – 9; Forbidden Knowledge (Maho ~ Isawa Sacrifice of Soul) – DM Free

DISADVANTAGES: Ascetic – 2; Wrath of the Kami (Water) – 3; Dark Secret (Gesei Toshi) – DM Free


Shiba Tsuneo is the eldest child of three, and only son to Shiba Sadarou and Agasha Kiku. Tsuneo’s father is the younger brother to the Shiba clan Daimyo. Upon his birth, as per Phoenix clan tradition, Isawa Shugenja oversaw his arrival unto the world. The ritual tests were done, and when completed the results were privately revealed to Shiba Sadarou. And the son’s name was announced to be Shiba Tsuneo, otherwise defined as Eternal Hero. A definition that he learned of in study during his early childhood, but has never accepted or believed to be other than matter of coincidence.

His studies growing up were varied and wide ranging. Though his focus was to the code of bushido, his family wanted him to be prepared for all manner of situations. Whether that would be in battle, in temple, or in imperial court. He also became unassuming during the course of his childhood growth. Based on his teachings and instructions from his parents, Tsuneo learned to only require that which would need to get by. Desires of materialist things lead to greed and corruption. A distraction from path of Enlightenment that he needed to focus on to complete.

Early in his youth, he became close friends with Isawa Akrio. More than one occasion, Tsuneo has stepped in to keep Akiro from being hurt or disrespected. Though that is an instinct born from the tradition Shiba himself set down from the beginning of the Phoenix Clan’s formation and promise to protect Isawa, this was born from their mutual friendship and admiration for each other. It is also the reason that Tsuneo asked to hold off his Gempukku tests until Akiro was ready to take his at the same time. An unusual request, one not normally adhered to in Rokugani tradition but one that his father agreed to.

And now, just a few weeks short of his eighteenth birthday, Shiba Tsuneo has not only passed his gempukku tests, but in doing so he is named the Topaz Champion. His test versus Akodo Yasamura in the Iajitsu contest triggered an awakening to his ancestors. Whispers of a Greater Destiny to serve the Empire and a difficult path to follow ahead have now come to him in his mediations. He was intrigued by his encounter with Miya Daiyo and how an Imperial Herald would mix with young Samurai during their night of feasting and relaxing upon completion of their tests. Though he would dare not interrupt her purpose of being there, he wondered if she was a kindred spirit like him. But for now, focus and a watchful eye as to the next challenge yet to come. And of course keeping Akiro out of trouble as well.

Shiba Tsuneo

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