Shoshuro Nagori

May I make a strange request?


Crab clan Shugenja
Exp: 228/232
Insight: 215
Rank: 4

EARTH: 4 (STA: 4, WILL: 4) AIR: 2 (REF: 2, AWA: 2)
WATER: 4 (STR: 4, PER: 4) FIRE: 3 (AGIL: 3, INT: 3)

*Spellcraft: 5

  • Calligraphy (cipher): 3
    *Defense: 3
  • Lore – Shadowlands: 2
    *Lore – Theology: 3
    *Tsubojutsu: 3
    Lore – Maho: 3
    Artisan – Painting: 3
    Lore – Anatomy: 1
    Investigation: 3
    Meditation: 3
    Athletics: 2
    Lore – Heraldry: 2
    Artisan – sculpting: 1
    Lore- History: 2
    Acting: 1
    Lore – crystal: 5

HONOR: 6.4 GLORY: 8.9 STATUS: 5.9 TAINT: 0.0
Corruption: 2

Language: Nezumi
Precise Memory
Forbidden Knowledge – Maho
Evil Eye
Disturbing Countenance
Dark Secret

Gaze Into Shadow
The Soul’s Grace
Purge The Darkness

Sense (U-1)
Summon (U-1)
Commune (U-1)
Soul Of Stone (E-1)
Jade Strike(mastered) (E-1)
Tetsubo Of Earth(mastered) (E-1)
Fires Of Purity (F-1)
Fury Of Osano-Wo (F-1)
Path To Inner Peace(mastered) (W-1)
Earth Becomes Sky (E-2)
Inari’s Blessing (W-2)
Strength of the Crow (E-3)
Extinguish (F-1)
Stone’s Endurance (E-1)
Tempest of Air (A-1)
Katana of Fire (F-1)
Earth’s Stagnation (E-1)
Force of Will (E-2)
Sympathetic Energies (W-1)
The Fist of Osano-Wo (F-3)
Tomb of Jade (E-4)
Never Alone (F-1)
Bonds of Nigen-do(E-3)
Call the Spirit (A-4, free raise)
Embrace of Emma-o (E-3)
Tears of Isawa (E-6/all-3)


Takata Saburo was born third son to Kazu and Amika, a minor household in the Takata family who have pledged their fealty to the Yasuki family to keep their lands solvent after a bad investment by Kazu’s father left them in dire straights. He has two older brothers, Osuno (four years older) and Takaaki (two years older), and one younger sister(three years younger) who currently is called Tsukomi.
Although both of his older brothers were aranged to be married at young ages, the fact that Saburo was born with “evil”, differently colored eyes and had an unsettling tendancy to fucus his gaze somewhere beyond the face of the person he is speaking to(combined with the fact that he is the third son of a poor house) meant he had few prospects for marriage and none was ever aranged for him.
As a child, Saburo kept mostly to himself. He was always polite, but he never seemed to quite have a grasp on social conventions and people other than his family disliked spending time with him. However he was often seen playing with “imaginary friends” and having conversations with them sience he was barely old enough to talk. His mother, who was not shugenja but had been born into the Izaku family, realized the implications of his actions and brought him to the attention of the nearest Kuni school by the time he was four.
At age nine, he was allowed to enter training as a Shugenja, where he proved to be a solid but not especially exceptional student. What he lacked in creativity, he made up for with an eye for detail and an excelent memory. This also led to his hobby of painting. When not training, he would act as a sparring partner for Takaaki (who was training as a Bushi and helped him learn Tsubojustu), and help take care of his young sister.

When the time came for his gempukku, Saburo was chosen along with his ‘cousin’ Hida Takamiro to represent the Crab clan at the TopazChampionship. It was an honor he did not know how he earned, and he was reluctant to go over concern that he would make a poor showing. However he made a surprisingly good showing for himself and even made an unlkely friend of Shosuro Shizueko, an Actor of the Scorpion clan.
After the tournament, and the terrible news that followed, He decided to make a show of his alliance and commitment to his new friend by taking the adult name of Nagori.

TAKATA KURI Grandfather
TAKATA SUI Grandmother
TAKATA KAZU – father

IZAKU ICHIDO Grandfather

TAKATA OSUNO – 1st son
TAKATA TSUKOMI – daughter (4th child)

Shoshuro Nagori

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