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  • Tokagure Hiyumi

    is the Daimyo of the Taokagure clan, a vassal family to the Shosuro clan. He is 31 and unhappily married to Moto Zumihiko, they have no children. He is trying to get a invite to the geisha houses in town.

  • Shosuro Shizueko

    Female, 5th child of the Shosuro daimyo, one of the most skilled dancers and actress of her era. Crafty, dangerous beauty, bentens blessing, voice, After the Topaz Tournament was over, it was found out that Ichibun had attacked Shiro Shosuro and …

  • Shoshuro Nagori

    Takata Saburo was born third son to Kazu and Amika, a minor household in the Takata family who have pledged their fealty to the Yasuki family to keep their lands solvent after a bad investment by Kazu's father left them in dire straights. He has two …

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