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23 years ago
Crown prince marries Mantis bride

There where four brought froth, after negotiations, it was narrowed down to two, the mantis had support of Unicorn, crab and scorpion. The lion maiden, had support from dragon, crane and phoenix. On the day they where suppose to announce support to the Emperor, the dragon clan champion appeared in the emperors’ winter court and asked to speak last, when he spoke he asked that the Son to choice his own happiness and would not support either bride. The lion swore they would avenge the loss of face the dragon brought to them.

22 years ago
Eldest daughter born

21 years ago
First Son born

The War of the Three Bridges starts, the lion call it the War of Maiden’s Honor.
Due to deteriorating relations between the lion and dragon, the lion declare war on the dragon and attack over the drowned merchant river into the dragon lands. The war starts positive for the lion, but the dragon are able to hold the passes into the mountains and start of siege wars into them.

20 years ago
The lion start to move more armies into the dragon lands, dragon courtiers are able to get unicorn and crane armies to mass and start maneuvers along the lion borders, causing the lion to withdraw part of the invading armies, the lion are able to get the phoenix to mass troops along the dragon border, raising the threat of clan war up.

The dragonfly offer their castle as a neutral meeting space to attempt to bring peace, the lion take offence and attack Kyuden Tonbo, capturing it and most of the dragonfly family.

Second daughter born, the emperor declares the war over and orders the lion to return to their lands, the lion show that the dragonfly can no longer continue as a minor clan and claim them as a war prize, after intense negotiation in the imperial court. The dragonfly are ordered into the lion clan.

18 years ago
The empress dies giving birth to twins, a second son and a third daughter. The Emperor grieves heavily forgoing winter courts for two years.

2 years ago
A attack into the mantis islands lead by Iuchiban and the dark oracle of fire, a horde of undead attack and sack Kyuden Gotei and destroy the shipyards, Iuchiban completes a Blasphemous ritual causing a smaller island to explode and sink, the resulting tsunami destroys a third of the merchant and war fleets and half of the fishing vessels, along with most of the shipyards. The mantis champion catches Iuchiban on another island as he prepares the ritual again, no one knows what was said between the two, however the mantis champion is said to have bowed in defeat to Iuchiban, as Iuchiban then killed the dark oracle of fire. The mantis champion went straight to Toshi Ronbo and announced that the Kitsune where no longer part of the mantis and that he requested they be allowed to reform the fox clan, to the surprise of everyone in court. The next morning the mantis clan champion performs seppuku for the Emperor.

1 year ago
The 87 year old Miya retires after a long career and names his grand daughter as the new Daimyo.

This years Winter Court is held in Kyuden Shiba, there where no major announcements at the court as it was hosted by Tortori Nagana and Tortori Yanagio, the Emperor stayed at Toshi Ranbo wo Shien Shite Reigisaho the imperial capital. Near the end of the Court, The Imperial Chancellor Ida Tenta, and the Shogun Utaku Kennako traveled to Toshi Ronbo and held a meeting with the Emperior behind closed doors, when they left the city the Emperor announced that they resigned their positions, that any member of the Unicorn serving in the Imperial Legions where free to return to their duties as Unicorn, and that all Unicorn with other clans was to go through Shiro Ida, Merchants in the other Unicorn cities that wish to move will have 25% of the cost paid by the Unicorn clan, 50% paid out of the Miya’s Gift, and the merchant can cover the rest.

Political Power Ranking
Crane, Scorpion, Mantis, phoenix, lion, dragon, crab, unicorn

Economic Power Ranking
Unicorn, Crane, Scorpion, Lion, Dragon, Crab, Phoenix, Mantis

Military Power Ranking
Crab, Lion, Unicorn, Phoenix, Crane, Dragon, Scorpion, Mantis
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