Isawa Akiro

Childhood friend and current companion of Shiba Tsuneo


Phoenix Clan Shugenja

EARTH: 3 (STA: 3, WILL: 3)
AIR: 2 (REF: 2, AWA: 2)
WATER: 2 (STR: 2, PER: 2)
FIRE: 3 (AGIL: 3, INT: 5)

SKILLS (school skills in italics)
Acting – 1
Battle – 2
Calligraphy – 2 (Cipher)
Courtier – 2
Defense – 4
Divination – 2
Etiquette – 1
Games:Go – 5
Investigation – 2
Lore:Maho – 1
Lore:Spirit Realms – 2
Lore:Theology – 1
Medicine – 2
Meditation – 3
Spellcraft – 5 (Spell Research)
Tea Ceremony – 2
Weapon:War Fan – 2

HONOR: 8.2
GLORY: 10.0

ADVANTAGES (items in italics assigned by GM)
Kharmic Tie: Shiba Tsuneo
Friendly Kami:Water (Momo) – Free raise on water spells
Ally: Shosuro Shizueko
Ally: Hida Takaniro
Great Destiny – Find the City of Lost Dreams

DISADVANTAGES (items in italics assigned by GM)
Touch of the Void
Soft Hearted
Bad Fortune:Evil Eye
Rivalry: Hida Takaniro


Akiro was born under troublesome signs. Rumors were circulating that his uncle was a maho user and this had cast a shadow of suspicion over the family. Further complicating this were his eyes – while the left shared the soft brown color of his mother, the right was dark, blacker than black. And if one looked at it long enough – it seemed to swirl and shift as if looking into the void itself. Thinking their family cursed, Akiro’s parents decided it was best to not have any more children and focus on raising Akiro to not follow in his uncle’s footsteps.

As he grew older, their worries only increased. While it was not uncommon for children to have imaginary friends, most would grow out of this phase. Akiro on the other hand would have conversations with more and more “friends” which sometimes involved stories about his uncle. Between his evil eye and talking to these invisible friends, Akiro was frequently ostracized by the other children. Only a young boy named Shiba Tsuneo would come to his aid when he was bullied and they became good friends.

All of this disturbed his parents and they sought the advice of a shugenja friend of the family who recognized this as a gift for speaking with the kami. He went further to explain that the eye which they took as the mark of a curse was actually a manifestation of an unusually strong connection to the void. Taking young Akiro under his wing, he oversaw his formal training as a shugenja at the Isawa school where he learned about his gifts and how to use them.

Isawa Akiro

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