Mirumoto Kiya

female dragon Taoist Swordsman


stamina 3
willpower 3

strength 3
perception 3

reflexes 3
awareness 3

agility 3
intelligence 3

void 3

kenjutsu 5
divination 3
lore: theology 3
meditation 3
iaijutsu 2

Has a full daisho set but not armor. Wears a kimono with ghi pants underneath. Sees the empire as nessesary.


Only child of Dragon parents. Parents died and the only reletive was a aunt who lives on the dragon temple mount. Was facinated as a child by the fighting styles of the monk bushi. After learning and passing her gempuku, Kiya decided to start practicing her techniques on the rocks just off the main paths. Beleives that as a clan bushi she should answer any call her daiymio or clan champion send out.

Mirumoto Kiya

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